Founded by Jessie Rubin in 2018, Jessie Rubin Studio is a world full of vibrant color, layers of texture and fun.

Jessie’s bold, mixed media paintings are inspired from her passion of all things bright and happy, from simple brush strokes to tie dye unicorns to flowers, hearts, lips, hieroglyphics and everything in between. Common themes of love and connectedness flow throughout her work, with nods to pop culture and the natural world. Her use of bold colors, layer application, patterning and intuitive design, has earned her praise from collectors near and far, as well as interior design studios and decorators.

In addition to original work by commission, Jessie Rubin Studio has expanded its offerings into prints, acrylic blocks, acrylic trays and bags, as well as collaborated with several amazing partners like Artsugar and The Objects Within.

Jessie’s work has been showcased in several elite home and design stores, as well as exhibited in multiple art shows in the tri-state area, and featured in Forbes and Us Weekly.