Jessie Rubin is a contemporary artist based out of Westchester County, New York.  Her signature style is defined by vibrant color, layers of texture and the use of mixed media elements. Jessie’s bold, impactful paintings are inspired from her passion of all things bright and happy, oftentimes with a playful nod toward pop culture.  Common themes of love and connectedness flow throughout her work, earning her praise from collectors near and far, as well as interior design studios and decorators.   

A self-taught, instinctual and organic artist, Jessie has been creating work since childhood.  While she took a more traditional path in her schooling, earning her B.A. from Cornell University and then her J.D. from the Washington University School of Law, she continued to paint and draw whenever she found an opportunity.  

When she and her husband made Westchester County their permanent home in 2016, following the birth of their second son, Jessie began to delve deeper into her craft and started experimenting with large-scale paintings.  Balancing motherhood, a suburban life and a part-time legal job all influenced Jessie's first series in 2018, "The Glyphs," a grouping of colorful, large-scale paintings infused with shapes and symbols resembling hieroglyphics and biology.  These paintings required layers upon layers of acrylic paint, oil sticks, ink, charcoal and spray paint.  The abstract series was well received, and Jessie Rubin Studio, LLC was founded. 

In the last few years, Jessie has explored several other abstract styles, but has focused much of her work in pop art.  Influenced by Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Christopher Wool and Jean-Michel Basquiat, her work is underscored by a joie de vivre and joyfulness.  She describes that her first pop art series, "The Loves," were inspired by her children and were her version of love letters.  Her work has resonated across a wide audience from first-time collectors to seasoned curators for precisely this reason: they exude love because they are created with love. 

In addition to Jessie's original works, she recently expanded her offerings into limited edition prints on paper and on plexiglass, as well as a select collection of home decor and small goods.  Her work has been showcased in several elite home and design stores, as well as exhibited in multiple art shows in the tri-state area, and featured in Forbes, Us Weekly and People.  She has also collaborated with several large companies including Splendid, Essie and Baked By Melissa.